Gun Mayhem can be actually a shooter style game which works online flash web made by Kevin Gu, together with art by Arvin Eksiri and music from Kevin MacLeod.

Campaign is really a style for newbies and is made up of 10 channels (tutorial included). When playing with this manner, you are going to have the ability to unlock new features inside the overall game. The 2nd node is Custom Game manner, where you will find 5 stages each using another requirement to win against the stage.

The interesting part of this match is the stages will be in various places in various eras. In 1 case, you are fighting at an incredibly modern point whilst wearing luxury clothes, as well as at still another case you're going to be wearing clothes out of the pre historic age whilst fighting at a pre historic period.

The stages have vacant spaces you have ton't slip because slipping down can lead to losing a lifetime, of course should you use up all your lifestyles afterward you definitely also lose. Bear in mind there is not any gym in this match, you merely need to take your competitors off the point to divert your own lifestyles.

But during a game, weapon boxes may randomly appear.

Still another interesting part of this game will be that when you take when you're shot, you're going to be pushed . The sum of kinetic force generated is dependent upon the kind of weapon used. You can find a number of 6 4 kinds of firearms on this match and 20 of these that you must unlock to have the ability to make use of them.

Besides this particular game, in addition, there are that the sequels branded Gun Mayhem 1 vs Gun Mayhem 2 and Gun Mayhem Redux that you play with if you have experience this game has to offer you. It is also possible to play with other similar matches such as Strike Force Heroes, Strike War... Play Gun mayhem unblocked google sites

Gun Mayhem Unblocked

Gun Mayhem Unblocked can be a wonderful platform Shooting Games where you need to combat AI competitions and attempt to dominate the stadium. This could appear simple, however it might prove quite tricky to knock off your opponent completely without getting struck!

Before you put in the effort it's possible to customize your personality - it is possible to choose your own hat, top, handgun and perk. Perks include additional rate, no overload and additional ammo such as. Work your way via a variety of degrees and attempt to conquer many diverse enemies. The gameplay is intense and fun -- you also must perform really hard to knock out your opponents away from this stadium! Would you master your firearms and unleash Gun Mayhem?

Gun Mayhem Hacked


  • Customizable characters
  • Range of different weapons such as shotguns and machine guns
  • Campaign mode and Custom games


Gun Mayhem was developed by Kevin Gu, Arvin Eksiri with music by Kevin MacLeod.
  • Player 1 use arrow keys and Player 2 use WASD to move.
  • Player 1 use ] and Player 2 use Y to bomb.
  • Player 1 use [ and Player 2 use T to shoot.
Tips and Tricks
  1. You can pause/resume/restart and turn the music on/off on the game screen.
  2. Pick' up the weapon box to gets stronger weapons!
  3. Stay away from the bomb because if you’re near them when they explode, you be flung very far.