Escaping The Prison is a superbly fun pole figure game in which you... Well, escape your prison! After being thrown into a prison cell, you need to use everything and anything at your disposal to escape! Teleporters, anti-gravity gear,toilet plungers,... Nothing is off limits on your endeavor to escape! But be careful however, for one wrong move or slow springs can land you back on your mobile... Or worse! Have you got what it takes to escape the prison?

Escaping The Prison Unblocked

Escaping The Prison Unblocked, Life's a serious struggle if you are stuck for a crime you did not commit. In Escaping The Prison (that will be just a sequel to the Bank) it's your work to help Henry stick-man towards freedom. An electronic digital Choose-Your-Own Adventure game for your advanced period, you adhere to the narrative unfolding on the monitor and are requested to create quick decisions in critical moments. Henry needs to flee and also your decision may get out him. Most which can be smart and humourous. Enjoy!


Use your mouse to play this game. Select actions, and make quick decisions!