Apple Shooter may be a point-and-shoot sort game developed by Wilhelm Tell. the sport is meant in order that you'll be able to play on-line on flash internet. The game has Associate in Nursing unbelievably easy art and play vogue however the challenges during this game area unit something however simple. During this game you go from stage to stage. In stage 1, you management a personality a gold helmet Associate in Nursingd a funny-looking blue shirt wielding a bow Associate in Nursingd your goal is to fireplace an arrow at an apple placed on the pinnacle of a person who’s standing near to a wall. The game can allow you to apprehend the gap between you and this man, and you’ll ought to hit the apple to advance to successive stage. Note that you’ll lose if you hit the guy below the apple. The mechanical phenomenon of the arrow can seem in addition a bar showing what quantity force you’re exploitation once you fireplace your bow can seem on the screen. If you prefer this game then there are different similar games that you just will play like Forest Wars, King troopers 2…

Apple Shooting Unblocked

Gameplay Apple Shooting Unblocked The game consists of multiple archery roundss. You're trying to shoot an apple off your friend's headd. Every time you succeed, the disstance increases. Butt be careful: if you'r shoot your friend, the game iss over!

Release Date Apple Shooting

March 2008, updated to HTML5 in 2016.


Apple Shooter is developed by Wolf Games, who have also made Gunblood.


Apple Shooter was originally a flash game, but has been ported to HTML5, so that it can be played on both desktop and mobile devices!!

How To Play Apple Shooting

Aim and shoot with your mouse.
Tips and Tricks:
  1. You’ll lose immediately if you hit the man and will be sent back to level 1 no matter what level you’re currently on at the moment.
  2. When the force bar reaches its maximum, it’ll stay that way and you won’t be able to change it anymore.